General information

The organization offers accommodation in the sports centers and other accommodations in the area of Koutsoufliani and 3-5 Pigadia. Upon request, we can also offer accommodation in the city of Naoussa. You can see the hotels in the area in the corresponding section. For the final participation price, depending on the type of accommodation, the coach or the academy manager can contact the organization.

Prices include

  • The participation of a child with accommodation includes the costs of participating in the event & the costs of accommodation and food.
  • The participation of a child without accommodation includes the costs of participating in the event & a lunch at noon on the second day.

Prices do not include

  • Transportation to/from your city.
  • Personal expenses and costs.
  • Football player accident insurance for the tournament.
  • Local travel for leisure


  • Accommodation is in double, triple, quadruple or five-bed (two-room) rooms.
  • Accommodation can be selected based on availability on the day the advance reservation is completed.
  • For additional overnight stays, inform the organization in time.
  • The parents of the children can contact the organization to suggest hotels and guesthouses in the wider area.
  • The children’s chaperones and/or coaches are responsible for observing the rules of discipline, not causing material damage and damages in the areas of the hotels and sports centers.


  • In cases where the teams need local transportation to/from the stadiums, they are covered by the organization’s buses.
  • Upon request and for a corresponding fee, we can offer transportation from your city to our area.

Registration – deposit – payment

Registrations are completed, only by the coach or team manager, by sending the participation form, the declaration of responsibility and an advance payment of 50€/person or family for the participations with accommodation and 20€/person for the participations without accommodation. Payment is made 21 days before each event.


Explosivo Travel, GNTO Registration Number: 09.33.Ε.60.00.00635.01