Teams Preperation

The region of Tria-Pente Pigadia and Koutsoufliani, known for its ski resort, is transformed in the summer months into a unique sports center with a long history in the hosting and preparation of professional soccer teams, even the Greek national team. At an altitude of 1260 m -1460 m, you will find the ideal conditions for soccer team preperations. Select one of the three hotels with privately owned soccer fields within a walking distance from the rest of our facilities, with a joint reservation management and easy programming of the essential friendly games.

Hotel 3-5 Pigadia | Hotel Akrorion | Naoussa Mountain Resort

See the teams that have already confirmed their preperation period, so that you can schedule the friendly games more easily.

Summer 2022 | Dates of teams preperation

Period Team Hotel
03.07-17.07.2022 Ionikos FC Naoussa M.R.
01.08-13.08.2022 Iraklis FC Akrorion
04.08-14.08.2022 Panelefsiniakos FC Naoussa M.R.
21.08-26.08.2022 Sport Club Voutiritsas Naoussa M.R.
25.08-31.08.2022 Panathinaikos Soccer Schools Akrorion
26.08-29.08.2022 Celeste Academy Naoussa M.R.
26.08-29.08.2022 Joga Bonito Academy Naoussa M.R.
01.09-08.09.2022 Olympiacos Academy Thessaloniki Akrorion

Friendly Games

Date Time Teams Field
14.07.2022 21:00 Aris FC – Ionikos FC Kl. Vikelidis | Thessaloniki

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