The region of Tria-Pente Pigadia and Koutsoufliani, known for its ski resort, is transformed in the summer months into a unique sports center with a long history in the hosting and preparation of professional soccer teams, even the Greek national team. At an altitude of 1260 m -1460 m, you will find the ideal conditions for soccer team preparations. Select one of the three hotels with privately owned soccer fields within a walking distance from the rest of our facilities, with a joint reservation management and easy programming of the essential friendly games.

By choosing your hotel of interest you can see the amenities, the stadiums, the teams we have hosted and the prices including the food. Then you can make your complete reservation request with the selected menu for your team.

Also on the calendar below you can see the teams that have already confirmed their preparation period, so that you can schedule the friendly games more easily.


Dates of team preparation (select hotel to see the dates of preparation for each team)

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